Advanced Laser Liposuction & Fat Transfer
Alma Lasers & Azerturkmed Laser Clinic
20 December / Friday
21 December / Saturday
14:00 –20:00
10:00 –16:00
Boulevard Hotel
Azerturkmed Laser Clinic
Doctor Massimiliano Brambilla
About Master Class
Master Class is intended for plastic surgeons and general surgeons interested in expanding their practice.
The Masters Course will take your basic lipo skills to the next level. We will teach you our specialized region-by-region techniques covering the whole body. You will be taught how to perform muscle etching of the chest, abdomen, arms & back in conjunction with body contouring. You will learn how to integrate intra-operative & delayed liposhifting, and low-volume and large-volume autologous fat transfer with other modes of body contouring all under tumescent local anesthesia.
Fat grafting to the face, the breasts, the buttocks & the labia will be covered in detail. Basic concepts of brachioplasty, body lifting, reverse abdominoplasty, and revision will be discussed briefly.
Dr Massimiliano Brambilla
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon
Target Audience
Plastic & General Surgeons
With or without experience in laser liposuction
Raise your awareness about new laser technology
Clinic Directors
Understand new technology and Return on Investment
Learn how you can do laser liposculpture/lipofilling in office environment.
Major Themes
How to Sculpt the Torso with Aesthetic Flow
Learn how to divide the surgical field into strategic anatomic zones for maximum definition, how to locate the ideal incision sites, how to blend the borders at the hips, the breasts & the mons pubis, tips & tricks for mons pubis liposuction

How to Create & Enhance Muscle Definition
What are muscle etching & high definition liposuction, who are the ideal candidates, high definition etching techniques for the abdomen "six pack", the chest, the shoulders & the back

All about Arms Liposuction
Learn to spot the right cases for lipo only, lipo with short-scar brachioplasty, & lipo with conventional brachioplasty, when does the axillary region need to be included & how much, achieving perfect contours a the elbows & deltoids with the three-point strategic approach, what areas to avoid

Liposuction of the Inner & Outer Thighs
Marking of the thighs made easy, when to include the knees, how to position the legs for success & failure, how to stage the large thigh

Liposuction of the Calves & Ankles
The keys to marking & positioning, how to avoid overdoing it, microcannulas versus standard cannulas - when to use them

The Brazilian Lift & Gluteal Liposculpture
Learn how to integrate sacral & flanks liposculpture for maximum cosmetic effect, how to create the V-zone, large volume fat harvesting techniques, how to draw the perfect markings for gluteal augmentation, how to develop the shape in a stepwise sequence, determining the volume endpoint, tips & tricks for managing the recovery

Breast Liposuction "Scarless" Breast Reduction
Learn how to reduce breast volume with effective liposuction techniques and specialized instrumentation designed to deal with both fat and glandular tissue. The treatment of gynecomastia with liposuction and liposuction assisted techniques is addressed.

Breast Augmentation with Autologous Fat
The "natural" breast augmentation is useful for both primary augmentation and for breast contouring around existing breast implants. The details and unique limitations of this approach are covered.

Labia Majora Augmentation with Autologous Fat
Learn how to augment deflated labia majora while minimizing the risks of contour irregularities and damage to the surrounding anatomy with reliable and straightforward techniques.

Liposuction of the Chin, Cheeks & Jowls
Learn how to navigate the treatment of this commonly requested area with strategy and finesse. The keys to patient selection are optimal postoperative management are addressed.

Facial Rejuvenation with Autologous Fat TransferLearn time tested strategies for injecting fat safely and effectively and how to integrate these treatments with platelet rich plasma (PRP), botox, fillers and other treatments. We'll show you options for fat preparation for specific goals.
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